About Us

     The music of the Holy Crows is derived from some of the oldest, simplest and most powerful forms of expression in American culture: Blues, folk and country music, bluegrass, rockabilly and rock and roll.
     With this music, Americans have laughed, cried, danced, grieved, celebrated life, called for social justice, mocked their leaders and praised their heroes.
     In producing our music, the Holy Crows are standing on the shoulders of such musical giants as Woody Guthrie, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Bessie Smith and Bob Dylan.
     The Holy Crows are Seattle-area residents and long-time participants in local music, bands and events. The band has been playing together for 3 years. 

We consider our music successful when we can inspire our audience to think, dance and clap their hands. 

The Holy Crows are:

Tucker Sparkman - songwriter, guitar,  vocals
Tom Brighton - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Nelda Danz - vocals and percussion
Ben Cope - fiddle, violence, vocals
Thom Deardorff - bass, vocals

We would like to play for your next event - drop a line, any time.